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Turnkey Construction Management for the Building Envelope


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  • Clarify scope of work to any or all of the following: WRB/Air Barrier, insulation, extrusion, attachment/cladding system installation
  • Prepare budget estimates
  • Identify value engineering issues prior to project initiation allowing time for review and evaluation
  • Review submittals and shop drawings to ensure fabrication and installation quality
  • Establish change order process
  • Develop project staging plan to coordinate logistics

Procure / Inspect / Stage

GC Service 051618

  • Procure materials from designated vendors as per the Statement of Work (SOW)
  • Inspect and store materials in strategic locations for optimal installation sequencing
  • Provide security, protection and safe storage of equipment and working materials
  • Ensure compliance with manufacturer Product Data Sheets (PDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and other required documentation as specified


ES Staging5

  • Conduct pre-construction meetings with GC prior to start of work or activity.
  • Provide highly skilled workforce for installation with in-depth understanding of manufacturer details and transitions
  • Maintain daily communication and conduct meetings with Field Operations, Project Manager, Owner, GC, Architects, Foreman, and Engineers.
  • Maintain set current drawings (denoted with changes i.e., COP’s, SK’s, RFI’s and maintain field set of contract administrative files)
  • Create two-week look ahead schedules adjusted for work pace, weather conditions etc.

Quality Control

Inspection service

  • Perform job site walkthroughs and inspections to ensure approved materials and methods are being furnished in conformance with contract documents.
  • Deliver weekly progress updates for timeline schedule to relevant stakeholders
  • Conduct owner inspections at jobsite before, during, and after project commencement (audit type installation inspections) to guarantee the Exterior Solutions USA QA/QC policy is being met
  • Perform owner-inspection to ensure full compliance with manufacturer details and transitions
  • Commence a 12 month Exterior Solutions USA warranty on all work performed, guaranteed by the comprehensive QA/QC process and highly-skilled workmanship

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Exterior Solutions USA offers turnkey construction management solutions for the building envelope.

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