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Critical Path Decision

The critical path to a robust building envelope is choosing a breathable or vapor open weather resistive barrier (WRB)/Air Barrier.

Why a Breathable WRB/Air Barrier Membrane?

The water resistive barrier/air barrier membrane is the most important element in the building envelope. Often ignored, or value engineered for “cheap” alternatives, this paper-thin membrane is crucial to mitigating long-term water damage. ES Grass 051818b web

Substrate Drying is Vital

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Building Materials Absorb Moisture

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Why Risk Moisture Intrusion?

Speed Up the Drying Process


Why Risk the Building Envelope to Hold Moisture?

Continual rapid drying is critical to a healthy building. Because we all know just a little bit of moisture can wreak havoc to your structure. That’s why a breathable, vapor open WRB/Air Barrier membrane just makes sense. It speeds up substrate drying so accumulated moisture can diffuse or exit faster. At Exterior Solutions USA we only procure and recommend highly breathable WRB/Air Barrier membranes. Because we want to build a robust, long lasting building envelope that lasts for the life of the building.

Rough Opening and Transition Details

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Poor Detailing

Rough openings typically have reverse laps, tapes, and staples and are left to an inexperienced crew.

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Professional Detailing

Our professional crews install according to manufacturers published details, ensuring a minimum of 6” shingled overlaps on all rough openings. They receive extensive hands-on training and are certified by the owners.

Building to Code - Air Barriers Transition Detailing is Critical

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Air barriers are quickly becoming code is most jurisdictions, yet installers are perplexed on efficient and effective installation. An air barrier must be continuous to be effective, what does that mean? All rough openings and transitions must properly interface with the wall and roof membranes. The Exterior Solutions USA crew brings extensive industry expertise in building an effective, continuous air barrier.

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Exterior Solutions USA offers turnkey construction management solutions for the building envelope.

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