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Z, J, Hat Channel and Clip Installation

We install versatile extrusion systems that ensure optimal thermal, energy, and moisture efficiency.

Butyl Self-Sealing Extrusion Installation

Our unique thermal break accessories consist of butyl self-sealing extrusions, creating an energy saving thermal break.

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Drainage Planes

By installing simple shims and creating a 3/8” gap, moisture is able to drain away from the structure—increasing the overall drying capacity of the building envelope.

Black Extrusions for Open-Joint Cladding

Black extrusions are installed to create the desired reveal behind the open-joint façades.

Installing a Complex Extrusion System - Finishing 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule

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What would 3 weeks in the schedule mean to you?

Exterior Solutions USA installed a highly complex insulation system consisting of a thermal-break attachment grid encompassing the entire radius soffit. The system included high-performance thermal clips, 5” Z-girts, and semi-rigid insulation over a radiant vapor barrier (installed by others). In the interest of exceptional project efficiency and sequencing, the two-man crew coordinated the install around a 3D laser scan of the radius soffit underside. Review all the entire project profiles

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Exterior Solutions USA offers turnkey construction management solutions for the building envelope.

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