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Efficient Cladding System Installation

Exterior Solutions USA will procure, stage and install the following cladding systems/types:

  • ACM Panels
  • Corrugated Panels
  • Dry Joint Panel Systems
  • Fiber Cement Panels
  • Metal Skin Panels (thick and thin)
  • Open Joint Panels
  • Perforated Panels
  • Phenolic Panels
  • Accessories: Custom Trim, Fascia, Soffits, Hardware, and Caulking

Attachment Systems Can Make or Break Your Building Envelope

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Ventilated Cavity

Our skilled crews will install a ventilated cavity behind the cladding, allowing moisture to exit the structure instead of accumulating and causing moisture damage.

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Concealed Fastener Cladding System

Gray Silbonit™ Fiber Cement Cladding Panels were installed with black anodized aluminum hat channels, clips and concealed fasteners. The structure is accented with wood/steel overhang.

Soffit and Perforated Panel Installation

Exterior Solutions USA Panel and Soffit Installation ACM res2 flip

Exterior Solutions USA’s skilled crew ensured the soffit and structure were installed according to the submittal package specifications.

Exterior Solutions USA Perforated Panel Install at Parking Garage 2

Black perforated panels were expertly installed by the Exterior Solutions USA crew, creating a unique entrance for the parking garage.

Staging and Sequencing

Exterior Solutions USA Skin Metal Panel Installation at Penthouse res

The metal panel installation on a penthouse.

Exterior Solutions USA Skin Metal Panel Installation at Penthouse 2 Staging cropresize 2

The penthouse installation required careful and precise sequencing of scaffolding and building material delivery – typical components of the Exterior Solutions USA turnkey services package.

Exterior Solutions USA does NOT support the following systems: brick, stucco, stone, EIFS or glass.

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Exterior Solutions USA offers turnkey construction management solutions for the building envelope.

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