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Scope of Work

Procurement and Installation of Exterior Building Envelope Materials
AWB systems, Z/Hat channel extrusions, continuous insulation (all types), cladding attachment systems and exterior cladding

Procurement Services
Purchase orders, scheduling, material care, handling, inspection

Installation Services 
Job sequencing, labor management, decision making, manufacturer liaison, quality control

Quality Control
Routine quality control inspections conducted by the company owners

Material Selection
Committed to supporting US-based manufacturers offering the most innovative materials

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Installation Scope

ES SOW WRB 080318 1 ES SOW Insulation 080318 1

WRB/Air Barrier Installation

WRB/Air Barrier Installation in accordance with manufacturer published details.

Insulation (rigid/semi-rigid) Installation

Exterior insulation application meeting prescribed standards set forth in the submittal package.

ES SOW Extrusion 080318 ES SOW Cladding 080318

Extrusions, Thermal Break Systems, Drainage Plane Installation

J, Z, hat channels, and clip system installation, including thermal breaks and drainage planes

Cladding System Installation

Cladding attachment systems and panel installation using concealed or exposed fastening systems

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Exterior Solutions USA offers turnkey construction management solutions for the building envelope.

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