Building Quality Through Planning, Teamwork, Feedback and Milestones


Printer Friendly QA/QC Overview (pdf)

ES ProjectPlanning


  1. Clarify scope of work any or all of the following: WRB/Air Barrier, CI, extrusion, cladding installation
  2. Prepare budget estimates
  3. Identify value engineering issues prior to project initiation allowing time for review and evaluation
  4. Review documents for completeness and accuracy
  5. Develop project staging plan to coordinate logistics
  6. Institute Document Control Program to ensure current and accurate information
  7. Establish change order process
  8. Review submittals and shop drawings to ensure fabrication and installation quality.
  9. Ensure PDS, MSDS documentation of materials in use at jobsite, as well as Exterior Solutions USA Safety Manual
  10. Provide Certificates of Insurances (COI)


ES Teamwork


  1. Maintain set current drawings (denoted with changes i.e., COP’s, SK’s, RFI’s and maintain field set of contract administrative files)
  2. Maintain set of “as built” drawings, updating as construction progresses
  3. Conduct pre-construction meetings with GC prior to start of work or activity.
  4. Maintain daily communication and conduct meetings with Field Operations, Project Manager, Owner, GC, Architects, Foreman, and Engineers.
  5. Provide security, protection and safe storage of equipment and working materials 
  6. Ensure Copies of ALL COI’s in possession of crew leader
  7. Institute and administer company Safety and Resource Protection Plan
ES ProjectMilestones


  1. Determine construction milestones based on scope of work
  2. Coordinate construction activities to fit within the project schedule
  3. Conduct regularly scheduled job meetings with owner, architects, engineers and GC
  4. Conduct weekly foreman meetings to discuss safety, schedule and coordination
  5. Review/monitor project schedule on a weekly basis and produce sub-schedules
  6. Perform daily checkpoint assessments in the field with supervisor and owner
  7. Create two-week look ahead schedules adjusted for work pace, weather conditions etc.
ES Feedback


  1. Perform required inspections, tests and similar services based on scope of work
  2. Ensure safe access to the work site and surrounding area
  3. Furnish incidental labor and facilities necessary to facilitate inspections of scope of work.
  4. Perform weekly reviews of SOW with team/crew leader
  5. Perform job site walkthroughs and inspections to ensure approved materials and methods are being furnished in conformance with contract documents.
  6. Deliver weekly progress updates for timeline schedule to relevant stakeholders
  7. Monitor that all safety criteria are being followed per OHSA standards
ES Guarantee

Guaranteed Quality

  1. Conduct owner inspections at jobsite before, during, and after project commencement (audit type installation inspections) to guarantee the Exterior Solutions USA QA/QC policy is being met
  2. Perform owner-inspection to ensure full compliance with manufacturer details and transitions
  3. Commence a 12 month Exterior Solutions USA warranty on all work performed, guaranteed by the comprehensive QA/QC process and highly-skilled workmanship

ES Communication 2
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