Safety is our Standard

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Our Promise

We adhere to strict recruiting measures and maintain a comprehensive safety program. Job site safety is the basis of our industry. We constantly strive to comply with all applicable health and safety regulations, and create the safest work environment possible by providing:

  • OSHA Recordkeeping
  • Incident Reports
  • Training Records
  • DOT Compliance
  • Jobsite / Facility Inspections
  • Safety Policies and Programs
  • Compliancy with OSHA and Client Requirements
  • Employee Screening and Monitoring

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Prevention Through Education

Exterior Solutions USA knows that qualified and knowledgeable employees are safe employees. Our workers have access to ongoing training opportunities, product demonstrations, and industry resources to promote safety and prevent accidents among our employees and our clients’ employees.

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Owner Approved

Our owners have over 30 years of safety training, and personally oversee Exterior Solutions USA's company-wide safety initiatives, including job site inspections. Our comprehensive safety measures are supported by each member of our crew, establishing a safety-minded culture.


Specialized Training

At Exterior Solutions USA, we believe OSHA training is the cornerstone of a safe, productive, and compliant working environment. In fact, safety is so vital to our philosophy and business model that we provide OSHA training to our crew at no cost to the client.

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Prepared for Success

We guarantee that when our crew steps onto any jobsite, they’ll come prepared with all personal protective gear and heavy-duty safety equipment, equipped with a vetted grasp of safety practices and a commitment to sticking to them.

Exterior Solutions USA – Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Exterior Solutions USA to provide a safe and healthy worksite environment for our co-workers and to establish a cooperative attitude with Exterior Solutions USA management, trades, co-workers, and customer. Our pledge to each co-worker is to structure the worksite to be as safe as possible and to communicate potential health and safety hazards, as well as provide protective equipment and training and other measures that minimize the possibility of accidents, injury, or illness on the job.

An effective health and safety program requires a commitment from both the company and our coworkers for a combined effort to continually assess and improve the health and safety welfare for everyone. Therefore, our co-workers must share the responsibility of providing a safe work environment by communicating known health and safety hazards or potential hazards to management and adhering to the rules as set forth by Exterior Solutions USA.

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